Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Overcoming Weakness

Today i spent my evening with a very nice guy Tej Pal (on left the only person in the pic who is smiling)
He is a teacher in Blind School
And visually impaired
He cant see at night or dark
And in examination center he needs a Helper so as to write the answers
But Just look at his Smile and the glow on his face
You cant even judge that 10 years ago he is normal and can see like us
But due to an unfortunate accident he lost sight but due to 2 or 3 eye operation he can see but still not enough
I met him outside the blind school
He needs lift and i politely (without knowing he is visually impaired or he is actually from blind school) allow him to park his butts on my mobike
From that day we got a nice understanding
He offers me Music classes (of course which i am looking for after my exams)
And we too planning to go to his hometown on a hill station
I really got charged and our talks are very nice about the Future of Blind Kids & about Hills
I am looking ahead for some nice plans for Blind Kids
I am intentionaly not disclosing them till i not able to know its feasible or not
And truly looking for many good evenings with him
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Anonymous said...

What an uplifting entry of yours. May your Tuesday and all other following days be happy.

A New Beginning said...

You're doing a great job Himanshu, your spirit is commendable. I thank you and your friend for playing such an important role for the betterment of people.
Good Luck for your future endeavours!!

BK Chowla, said...

My best wishes on your great efforts.
I wish more and more energetic and well meaning youngsters follow this example.

Himanshu said...

@ ρομπερτ hi & thanks a lot for your wishes. Last week my mind was pre occupied with my exams. Thats why take a break from the blogging. Thanks again.

@ A New Begining - thank you its a new begining too in my life too. Service is surely a part of my life. Previously it was limited to God & now turning to Human race.Thanks for the luck, i wish i be able to acquire all the resources to support the kids.

@BK Chowla thank you sir. Your comment was always enouraging one. Hope every one start serving the society with their respective capablities. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I always love the way you express your feelings and thoughts...Doin a really gr8 job man...

Keep Smiling and Keep spreading it...


Himanshu said...

thanks alot for kind words

karthik said...

great going bro.. :)