Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Passing on the Award

So now its turn to pass on the credit of Sunshine Award.
As i have to follow the rules

Firstly thanks to  Vijay for my first award. Sunshine Award.
When i start blooging he is the first blogger that i look with aweeeeee. I am his decent follower.
First Of aLL you know what are the Rules :-

Rule no 1- Put the award on your blog or in your post.
Rule no 2- Pass the award to 12 bloggers.
Rule no 3-Link the nominees within your post.
Rule no 4-Let the nominees know by commenting on their blog.
Rule no 5-Share the love and link to the person who gave it to you. 

I duly passing on this award to the bloggers to whom i admire & truly learn from them alot. Hope they make me feel good by accepting it.

The nice thing about this guy is how he moves whole country & take situational pics. with interesting Heading. So if want to see RAW INDIA. Go for it. Just follow him where he goes. Believe you will surely enjoy.

This blog is one of the few blog available in Hindi. So if you want to read good Hindi Poetry then must to follow her. The guy truly articulate the poetry well. And i am proudly their decent follower.

Thats truly fantastic. The man does so much work on his post. He is not an Indian. And has so much deep thoughts that you will drown if you dont swim well. I really love his feels & how he takes the pictures himself & how he correlate with them. Its a mistery for me atleast. Bit i love them & a decent follower of him.

If you want to know about the Hindu culture. Go for it. My perception towards my culture was totally changed after i become his follower. I really learn a lot. And now i have so much information about my culture that even my mummy feels jealous with me. I love to meet you sometime brother.

Want to know about Hilly areas of Himalayas. Go for it. You will get every information right from Politics to Toursim. I truly love them as they post original pics and its just like a newspaper of Himalayas.

Want to get the taste of spiritual word & religious quotes from Gurbani (Sikh religious book). Go for it. Every stance & its purport was crux of whole life. The most good thing is she publish in both Punjabi & English. And its my personal desire to read in Hindi too. Please Mam Hindi too.

B K Chowla
Very few actually can take the blog as a personal diary. And this man took that effectively. I suppose he is most aware person of the society which i too love to be in his age. And i love his thoughts.


BK Chowla, said...

Thank you so much for the Award and I am honoured.
It was good to read such good words.
Thank you once again.

Himanshu said...

@ B K Chowla
I am truly glad that you accept it. And you deserve such words. So please no need to say thanks