Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happiness Sinks

People often say that when you move 1 step towards God, he takes 10 towards you
But in my case i be feel proud to escalate the figure by 1000's
Whenever i be over confident he send someone to pull me back on the level &
When i do feel inferior he just push towards the vision &
When angry he immediately to make me comfortable plans a small trip with the intellectual people 

I met a very interesting lady "Anju" who is a classmate of mine who is very much inclined towards 
"Dera Sacha Sauda" connected with "Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim" "Pitaji"

She adv ices me not to share the happiness and the privilege i enjoy with Almighty with anyone. Instead only share sorrow.
She said in a alarming voice that Your Happiness Will Start Sinking?

What you say?


BK Chowla, said...

It is Almighty's order that happiness and prosperity must be shared.

adreamygal said...

hmmmm ..i am not quite ok with her views ..well do ask her on my behalf - do you think closed ones are there only to know your sorrow ?? When you can lighten the load to them why not take them high when you are flying ( i mean during happy times :)) ...Humans are combination of both : happy n sad long u think ppl will stick to you , if you only share sad things ..after all happiness makes one smile not listening to sorrowful tales always ..ryt ?

Do post in her ans ..Would love to hear her views :)

Himanshu said...

@dreamy gal
i sms your views to her, lets see how she reply
i think she is talking about happiness only in context of "karishma or miracles relating to presence of God"
so her saint "Pitaji" may advice them in this context only that do share these things only with hardcore believers as the rest make fun.
i can only get this reason & lets see she agree or not

thanks sir i too agree thats why post to see the others beleifs

Jzt4me said...

Share ur belief with the people who believe...Share ur sorrow with people who cares..Share ur happiness with everybody...that's how it should be...bcoz, u will have evrybdy to take in happiness without any arguments...U will have only people who care for u to listen to ur sorrows with an open heart...and u will have only believers to accept Belief in God with a clear mind...