Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here My Future Will Be Decided?

I got my Roll No today
Exam from May 3 to May 17
Last time when some of my friends appear for the exams
I do call many. Some are truly full of negativity
But i try to motivate them & do move a prayer on their behalf on Facebooks

Its a hard core reality that

A comedian job is to make people laugh but it happens sometimes that he do cries but none comes to make him laugh. Instead they too start laughing.

Dont Overestimate Me I Need You All 
Few Ditches Me Badly.

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A New Beginning said...

All the best!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm you seen to be very worried ...Wishing you luck and hey dnt worry , there is always that someone , who will be with you when you are in dire need of someones company :D Have faith :)

Himanshu said...

@ new begining
@ adreamygal

thanks alot you both. Sometimes i do feel whether i should express my feel or not. But then the name of blog is my life. So i should express it. Well ditches are part of life but their timing does play a crucial role & it hurts when at the prime moment.
Not to worry i am ok. I be.Thks for your support.

Jzt4me said...

Hey, come one...U always seem to be a strong man...and strong man never would accept defeat...u try, try try till u succeed...and my prayers r with u for to succeed at the first try...All the best...