Thursday, May 20, 2010


The day start in a depressing mood as my exams are over day before yesterday. And have none to commensurate the event. Actually out of few regrets in the life i have, one is that i have none to which i call a companion, a permanent friend. to whom i can trust, similar choices. May be i am looking for a girl, but somewhere i know that it may not be possible in this life. I seen so many ditches that its hard to trust anyone.
But when ever i feel such God did listen
Ya he send friends of course not girl friends. 
Just old friends who want to meet, so i go Sham home meet Mohit there and have a good evening

May be he want to give me small installment intentionally so that at this time & want to give a message "Son enjoy with these, i will send more later". I am living for that day. Lord help me to maintain patience.
 Where is my dreamy gal?

Thank you Lord but still i in search for a companion
With whom i can share my feel. A good soul.


adreamygal said... happens Himanshu .dats life , we aint got a companion when we are in desperated need of one , and try to be ur own best fnd during those times , i knw it isnt easy , but you will feel happy :) and raha sawal dream girl ka , toh i think jus for the sake of having a gf / companionn , luking for gf is wrong ...she will meet u at ryt point of tym and then everythng will change :) tc :)

Himanshu said...

thks alot for such a motivating quote
really it was nice
& most important thing that i m not alone many too