Monday, May 31, 2010

A Vow

Yesterday, I received a phone call from "Soni"  my friend. She is asking for a favor.No not for arranging movie tickets nor class notes. Just for a Doctor. Her father was diagnosed with Cancer. But its yet to be certified by the test reports. Her family wants to keep his father in dark till the test reports. Her father is getting weak day by day.They want to get his test done in AIIMS. So she is asking me for links with Cancer wing in AIIMS. But i do not have any such in the Cancer wing. Yes i do have with Ortho and Neuro as i himself was a patient few years ago. I feel sorry for being in the state of helplessness.
But now what? What can a true friend do except sending sandwiches full of sympathy through cell phone and i am not an exception. I send her a text message that "Not to worry every thing will be fine, now cancer is not a life threatening disease. Its curable.I will pray that your father be healthy soon"
Did i truly meant that? Is cancer just like a viral infection. Few tablets & gone. Is really nothing to worry? Am i a pious person? Certainly not. Then how can i promise to her that if i pray then her father will be healthy. I do not know why i said that. As we are so spontaneous in sending sympathy messages that hardly we stop to scrutinize it first.
The message refresh my memories of the movie Guide. The book "Guide" was written by R.K.Narayan. In the particular scene of the movie "Guide" Dev Anand was trying to convince the villagers that do not trust him as he was not a saint but just a sinner & a prisoner. But the villagers had blind faith on him and insist him to perform a Fast for rain.

The blind faith of near ones prepares him to go through a tug of war with his own charioteer (his intelligence) for cross perusal of the belief that how can it rain if i perform a pooja or fast? and his own horses (the senses) that how will i live without eating food or drinking water it did not rain? 

He did satisfy all at the end and perform the fast and finally drought was relaxed. 
There were some bad harsh moments in my life too when i cried, weep for help but none came. I still curse, when i am angry, the people who denies  and too, when feeling good, bless them .But one thing is clear that i hate  "No". I am under a vow that none will go empty hand from my home and for that no one can stop me to run for that infinite demand.
But sometimes I hate being Just Himanshu and not Sai Baba or Mother Teresa. If Dev Anand can do then why cant I?


A New Beginning said...

Prayers have a lot of power, they help a lot for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..happens , but you know y send spontaneous msg teling all vl b okay , coz its direct fm heart and jab hum dilse kuch kehte hain to sochte nahi , coz thsoe are pure and true feelings dnt think and say , jus say it , coz it really good to hera words cmg out fm heart ..and abt ur fnd ..i hope when shes got a fnd like u to support and worry of her , defiftely she will find some solace admist her hard times ...cont to support her in best of ways you can :)an dyeah its nt possible to act godly all the time , but we can be the best and honest of what we are , hai na ? t c,n i hope ur fnd's dad recover soon :)

Himanshu said...

@ A New Begining
thks for the comment. Well i too believe that prayers have power.

well there are two things
1. she is a CA student too. Her exams is in November and you know when there is someone ill in the family even a bit cold the whole atmosphere of home changes. Its hard to resist that & concentrate on studies. I wish she be able to do that.
2. finance. As she hinted me once that she want to get her father treatment from Govt hospital. So it too diverts your attention.
You know girls are more emotionally stronger than boys. I just wish that she be able to prove her prejudice personality. I can pray only. And will continue doing that.

BK Chowla, said...

I am a firm believer in presence of God and HE is there for every one

Himanshu said...

@BK Chowla
i too thats why wrote such things & feel regret for limited prayer power in myself but when i got good news my faith multiples in geometric progression