Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Namesake - Himanshu Vs Himanshu

Is name reflects true personality of a human being? 
I do not know. Then who knows. Again i don't know. Firstly i love to introduce myself again astrologically to all. 
Myself Himanshu. Dynasty Arora. But the second name is Guglani. Born in Kark lagan. Zodiac sign by name Cancer & by birth date LibraIn our Hindu culture,  we often have Namkaran ceremony. In my case too i just hope  that pandit ji  must took significant time for some hard astronomical calculations to arrive at the conclusion that the boy name must start with letter H. Actually its a belief too that right alphabet as per the respective planetary position is responsible for mental & physical vigor which finally results in enhancing your name, fame, wealth etc. In fact the whole numerology is too based on the same myth. Thats why you see K word in Roshans & Ekra kapoor productions.    
Himanshu, its a Hindi word. It means Moon. The moon is symbolic of coolness i.e. I am cool just kidding. The moon work is to give breeze of coolness to the surrounding and other meaning of it is Friend of Night raat ka sathi. The night stands for problems. All Himanshu's are Friend of Problems. 
Are people having similar name have similar nature too?
Lets see. I shared my schooling with two more Himanshu. One Himanshu is very stinky. His nose was constantly flowing and no one likes him as he is stinky too. The other Himanshu was senior one. We shared almost same height. We both stood first in the queue for years in the assembly prayer. So are we alike?
In  the college,  there were 3 Himanshu, including me. Different Face cuts but similar height. Gestures and body language too have few similarities as all are soft spoken guys. The major difference was seeded by the law of inheritance viz. money. One Himanshu came by car, other one on mo-bike & third one on Bus. One is bit athletic and other one fatty and the third one a very soft guy. The soft one was most popular among the girls. But we have a good friendship. Always have some common topics to share. And our grades too are almost same. Sare nalayako ka naam Himanshu to nahi hota?
In the job there was one more Himanshu with me. I am senior to him. We are in different departments. I in Audit and the other one in Tax. Both are dear to their bosses. He is Baniya and i Punjabi. Law of inheritance again played a crucial role in distinguishing the personality of both tither in dressing or in conveyance. Verbal language command is the key for both. But the mediums (oral & written) are different.  Both have the ability but one highlights it and other one hides it.
Now, these days too I am in touch with Himanshu. He is 3 years younger than me. We met on orkut Depression Community. I full hearty take interest in talking to depressed guys and trying to help them.. I in the case of this Himanshu i feels that whatever was happened in my life is happening in his case.  
Well talk about any phase of life we were always surrounded by the people like us. Some build envy due to this as they hates the similarity or they do not want to go in their past but some too becomes an informal leader & take self imposed responsibility to help others & make them march together. 
But few like me too who do nothing except writing a stupid blog post. 
At the end 
Whats in a Name? 
Similar name does create a sense of belongingness but its a temporary one and does not last for long. 
The questions raised earlier were still a subjective one.
Is name reflects true personality of a human being? 
Are people having similar name have similar nature too?


Anonymous said...

Hi Himanshu I know one more Himanshu he was my classmate in first year during Engineering. he his not perfect study but he keep things in his room very perfectly at hostel. I always liked his spirit of keeping things at the right place but sometime his over reaction about these things irritated me too.

I will be in Delhi in month of july. And yaa You can buy novels from

Anonymous said...

And one more thing few days back I am thinking of writing a similar post on my blog...after reading your post I will surely write one.

Himanshu said...

@Vijay well thks & you know i am habitual of arranging my things too in perfect manner & i get angry soon when someone deals it with roughly.

BK Chowla, said...

I think it has less to do with one's spelling and more to do with the time of birth-place of birth and the Raashi one is born in.

Himanshu said...

@ B K
thks for comments. yes i do sometimes think that raashi is important. Sometimes becz its may be when we are under confident we start relying on it.