Friday, June 25, 2010

Dealing with Poverty

Suppose Mr. A a beggar lives in your locality. One day he begs for one slice of bread & you happily give him two. Next day he demands for a shirt clothing & you again full heartedly offer him a safari suit. Now what, Mr. A's food search is over (for today) & body is covered (for now); but the mind is unrest as he is worried about the future.He is going through a visionary problem & swinging between present, tomorrow & day after tomorrow. He wants to gain all these himself. But how?
Well the answer is very simple through a respectful job (like you). But what are the perquisites he need for a good job. He need quality education (at lower cost), good social status & all other basic infrastructure. 
He will surely now will not satisfy with just food & clothes. He needs infrastructure from you and the problem arises; as you do not have all such voluminous mammoths.
As a result he will not respect you anymore.
So how to regain that respect or satisfaction?

There is a pyramid of human needs. I read it in the University and our Lecturer too discuss this in the class.
I still remember his words.  


A New Beginning said...


BK Chowla, said...

Again , one of the finest posts published in the recent past.
Good job.

Mingled Minds said...
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Mingled Minds said...

hy der...intresting post buddy....u r posts do havea point to think on but on second thoughts , the situation of givng the poor u r enitre earnings wont result if we would giv him just wad he asks.... 1 bread - give jus 1, clohtes- give him enough to cover hid such an instance he would even respect us for the things we gave him and would not expect more in return... !!!!

good goin....keep blogging. :)

Anonymous said...

What an impressive entry of yours. As there are many such sights, as Mr. and Mrs. A., over here, this surely made me thing.
Far too many days I return home with pockets and stomacke empty, because I gave and received. A wonderful start into the weekend for you.

daily athens

Anonymous said...

nicely said..

Himanshu said...

@A New Begining thanks alot

@B K Chowla thks Sir, it also shows the importance of teachers in our life

@Mingled Mind hi actually i made the story to cover the long vision. Begging is itself bad. So either one for one or two for one will surely result in the same.thks.

@ ρομπερτ hi how are you? really feel honoured to receive your comment. Nice to hear you come back home may be with empty pockets but i know the receiving is surely incomparable with that. Best wishes for the coming week too.

@ Shraddha thks mam. really overwhelmed by the nice words. Best wishes for your family. I love Krishna. Take care of his gifts.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post!

Himanshu said...

@ thks jesson & rey ann