Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today - Movie Raavan, Pizza at Grillz, Hair cut

The day was great with a dear friend Pawan. He call me around 11:45 a.m. to arrange for the movie tickets. I without taking shower simply took the keys of mo-bike & move towards the near by Vishal Cinema hall. I bought two matinĂ©e show tickets lower stall (Say no to balcony - austerity drive, it saved Rs. 60/-) of Rs. 70/- each. It all takes approx. 45 mins as i do not have the cash & the ticket counter does not accept Debit card. So i have to rush for the ATM. One thing is really good in Vishal Cinema that parking staff is really good. If you come just to buy the tickets. They will not charge a single penny. I truly like that. From the movie hall, i simple De-route myself & directly went to Saloon for a shave, before coming back home. We met at around 2:35 p.m.for the movie.
The movie Raavan was truly boring. Abhishek Bachhan is useless in the movie. Looks like Saif Ali Khan in Omkara (Langda Tyagi) & trying to overact. He is only good for silent roles. More he speak more he get exposed. Aish is good in the movie. Her acting is good but the chemistry between the hero of movie Chiyaan' Vikram who played husband of Aishwarya was badly shown.. May be Mani Ratnam wants to promote Aish & Abhi. Govinda name in the movie is Sanjivni. His role is comic. He was shown like a monkey Hanuman but i never saw such a Fat monkey. I think Rajpal Yadav is better option. Still he did his work honestly. Ravi Kishan role is too hilarious. But still better to switch over to next movie.

After that we went to TDI mall. Have some snacks at Grillz. Details given in the picture.
Then we attack Tilak Nagar. He was eager to purchase Sun Glasses. After wandering for half an hour at 3 different shops, he finally got the glasses at 4th shop & we bargain well. Saved Rs. 100/-. Its a good fully air conditioned shop still the deeds just like a Pheri wala.

Now its my turn, i purchased a Shaving Razer from Big Apple.
Then we stop at mobile shop. He want to activate Pay Per Second Plan. It costs Rs. 28/- but we do not have change. Plastic money works.
Our last destination of the day is King Men Parlour. Pawan want a decent (full of attitude) hair cut. So i advice him to go to my Barber Dilshad. He agreed. It too half an hour & Rs. 35/- to get a cool cut. Pawan dont like much. I think he is over ambitious & over conscious over hair style. I think Pawan its better to move to other body parts. Sorry for taking your video without your permission.

Thanks for such a good day.
Wish you luck for your up coming projects.


BK Chowla, said...

There are mixed reviews on Raavan,
I intend watching it tomorrow.May only then will I comment

Anonymous said...

vedio of hair cutting.........gud...

Abt the Raavan, ihave already written my view and also read your view.........

just keep writing


Himanshu said...

@ B K Chowla waiting for your comments sir
@Vijay thanks brother for your comments, writing is emerged as the favorite pass time. i looking forward to it

Anonymous said...

looks like you had great time inspite of the flop movie!

love and hugs

Himanshu said...

ha ha thks shrddha thks alot ya i do have good time

BK Chowla, said...

I had a nice undisturbed sleep in the movie hall,

Himanshu said...

ha ha nice you do not mention the dreams you

Amritbir Kaur said...

I agree with BK Chowla ji...the only difference is that I did not sleep but felt like doing that :)
I felt there are more screams than dialogues in the film (that saves the charges of a script writer!!!!!)

Himanshu said...

@Amritbir Kaur
thks mam for comments. its really nice to see you on blog. woe cool generally south movies are covered with such screams i find it excess & just feel like a hiccup at that point; totally difficult to digest. I read a column of Big B in which he wrote that the unedited one is better. Mani edited the 9 faces of Ravaan of Abhishek.
May be he is right but difficult to bear 9 more Abhi & 9 times more screaming. Of course 9 times saving