Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burn the Quran & Humanity Here

US Church Pastor orders to burn Quran Sharif (holy book of Muslims) 
Its a shame, Jesus must be hurt by hearing such
US should take a lesson from India
The picture below was taken at Hindu Goddess Vashno Devi Temple situated at Jammu, few hours away from Kashmir where Hindu families were often exploited by the Muslims

A Muslim helping a Hindu  
Owner was Muslim, 
Rider was Hindu & 
Horse does not have any religion but brought up by a Muslim
Yes, we as Hindu & Muslims do fight. Hindus do destroy Mosque
We have problems but when it comes to business. Only one thing matters i.e. Money
I am very thankful to this Money Power at least it has the power to make us move together
I wish Holy Father of Church will soon realize his decision taken in haste



BK Chowla, said...

Despite all this , it is Indians who are called communal and intolerant.

Himanshu said...

well we are facing terrorism since last 25 years in kashmir & it is new for them so lets see there opinion will surely change

foreverblue:( said...

hey Himan, don't say "US church" orders to burn the Quran! co'z as i know, the only one who wants to burn the Quran was a pastor belong to only one religion there!

Himanshu said...

hi forever blue thks for correcting me i do not give much emphasis on who orders, i will take care of that in future. I just know that pastor hates muslims & nothing more than that. If u know please send me some links i love to know more