Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lord Hanuman Sues His Temple Owner

Fact of Case : Wrong spelling of Jai Hanuman
Petitioner: Lord Hanuman
Defense : Temple Owner

Lord Hanuman: I am known for my intelligence and verbal skills. How can anyone does such a mistake in my own temple.I love to see my followers literate like me.(Lord questions his credibility as a follower)

Temple owner: Lord i am your true follower. While interpreting a Law if we cannot go with Literal Interpretation we use other rules just like Rule of Ejusdem Genersis means of the same class or species. As Jai Sri Ram & Jai Hanuman are just like associated words. If one used correctly as you can see the spelling of Jai Sri Ram, one cannot conclude that I am not literate. Please consider it as an isolated one and forgive me. 

Decesion: As per facts of the above case I request omniscient Lord to forgive the owner

Lord Hanuman : Tatha Astu Putra

The picture taken by me at Sri Vaishno Devi Temple last month
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BK Chowla, said...

Should have been forgiven.

Mingled Minds said...

ha ha ha..nice 1

Himanshu said...

@ Bk Chowla
thks sir really i too think d same

@ Mingled Minds
feel good tht u like it ya it too finds it funny few times. very few read & comment on religous issues its good