Friday, October 29, 2010

NIce Poem - Dedicated to Dear Goal or Dream

First two lines inspired from a song in the movie IN CUSTODY
Fogive for all Hindi spelling errors which are there
I am planning to buy Hindi Fonts soon


BK Chowla, said...

My Hindi is bad enough and now cant understand this at all

Himanshu said...

@ B K Chowla
ha ha not to worry i do not understand too

Heavenly Muse said...

i wish i could read hindi.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring .. simple and thought provoking ..and well ignore the mistakes , the randomness that beautiful thoughts flow , covers up this :)

EMO BABY:( said...

what does the drawing above wants to impart...? i don't know anything from hindi fonts, thats why i don't understand any from this written poem!!! i hope you'll translate it in english,:D!!!

Anonymous said...

@ above all
hey guys as an Indian we have to respect our national language thats i want to say at all.
@himansu the poem is gud and why do you need hindi font. This is the right way.try and improve ur hindi, it's not difficult.

Himanshu said...

@Heavenly Muse
oops sorry actually the poem is written in Hindi but i use many Urdu Words
Manzile Khwab - Hum Safar Par Ha

Jab Ruke Pahad The Hum
Jo Chale To Jan Se Gujar GAye
Ae Manzile Khwab
Tere Taraf Badte Hue
Har Uf Ko Maine Namaskar Bana Diya

Sir Bhi Jhuka Ha
Namaz Bhi Padi Ha
Agrbatti Bhi Jalai Ha
Ae Khwab Tere Liye

Mehnat Aur Pasine KI Chai Se Mujhe Parhej Nahi
Par Khuda Ki Marzi Ke Aage Kon Tik Paya Ha
Thoda Waqt De Mujhe Sambhalne Ka

Ae Manzile Khwab
Tu Naraz Mat Hona
Kona Mat Karna
Thoda Intzar Kar
Hum Safar par Ha
Hum Safar PAr HA

I hope you like it

Himanshu said...

@ Aarti thks really enjoy your comments. Well i know the mistakes still do not correct it. Thats why i m sorry

@EMO Baby hi thks for comments
The meaning of picture
Its a story of passenger who miss his first bus & waiting for the second. He also requesting the destination to regret him for coming late. Drawing just for setting the stage.
Difficult to translate word by word in English right now. But i will surely do this. Its a gentle promise. Give me a month time. My exams are coming. After 22 i will. If you can give me your email id i be more obliged.

@ Vijay hi how r u? Well Hindi Fonts is of course one step ahead i can do plenty more with that.

;(Emo Baby said...

ok, thanks for giving the interpretation of that drawing, i'm just curious about it!!! and about the poem, it's ok!!! Good luck to you on your exams and God bless you!!!o:-)

Mingled Minds said...

hey der..nice peom yar..asking u r goal to wait...different thought... and the interpretation for the picture ..nice nice..

gud luck wid u r xms...!!!

Himanshu said...

@ EMO Baby thanks for comments really nice. Thanks for wishes. I wish it will capitalize.

@Mingled Minds
Thanks yar. I am happy to receive your comments. Very few people dare to wrote in their mother land either due to emabarassment or other facts. But its really a fun to wrote your thoughts in raw form without translating it.

Heavenly Muse said...

Sir Bhi Jhuka Ha
Namaz Bhi Padi Ha
Agrbatti Bhi Jalai Ha
Ae Khwab Tere Liye

its true genuine and nice.

thanks for writing it in English alphabates.Actually i can understand Hindi.But the written scriptures is not comprehensible for me.

Again thanks.

Himanshu said...

@ Heavenly Muse
thanks alot for liking it
its surely a pleasure