Monday, December 13, 2010

My Parents Silver Jubilee

Happy Marriage Anniversary to Dear Mother & Father

Its 25 years since a beautiful & dreamy girl from Hill side decides to marry a Government Servant from Delhi.
She forgets her dream to lead his family.
Sacrifice herself in his feet just like the mother earth.
She gives two valuable gifts to Guglani Dynasty.
The woman was none other than my mother Ms. Sunita Guglani.
I love her, adore her & can die for her.
No words to say. Just wishing her alot.
I do not know i be honest like you with my partner or not.
But mother i truly learn a lot from you.
When you will left this world, i too will left for heavenly abode with you.
Sorry for all the bad things i did. Only you can bear me.My identity is because of you.
I want to write more but neither Ms-Word nor your son is smart enough to express the motherly love.

My name is Himanshu but my nick name is Honey.
When i came in this world people neither recognize me with Himanshu nor Honey but only with one name i.e Baby Sunita. I love this name

Thanks Mother.
Your Son
Baby Sunita
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BK Chowla, said...

My best wishes to both of them on their wedding anniversary.

Emo Baby said...

I congratulate your parents for reaching 25th anniversary! And wishing them more happy years together and ever! And may God strengthen your relationship as a whole family with love and understanding with one another.

Heavenly Muse said...

very very very best wishes For your parents.
You are right its our mother to whom we are associated the moment we came to this world.
According to Islamic belief in hereafter people will be called with mother's name.
So a complete circle. Mother gives us an identity in this world and in the next world as well.

Himanshu said...

thks really thks alot. amen.

@Heavenly Muse
i respect ur thoughs. yes mother is higher than father. i wish everyone gets motherly love.

Himanshu said...

@B K Chowla
thks sir thks alot