Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wikileaks - Leaking US Tap

A Dirty US tap is leaking and stupid crows like India and Pakistan are fighting for their respective sip.

The day before wikileaks exposes US policies, i was viewing video of  Mr.  Kuldeep Nayyar titled India in 2025. Its a five part series where he talk about  South Asian countries and the US policies. I am providing the link for part 1. The footage is titled India in 2025 .
US is a world power. We learn a lot from them. They define the modern democracy. They laid the standards of present day secular and multi cultural society. We as Indians too look forward to them. Not just we all the weak counties of the world take US shelter in case every natural or man made calamities. Yes, US do have a fatherly figure.
But fortunately now their image is on a full swing change. They are now approaching themselves only as a business man who's main concern is looking for just bucks. We saw them running for oil in past and now for markets in emerging economies. They never cares for other country sentiments and simple ready to do anything in any part  of the world on the name of terrorism.
These Wikileaks exposes will surely help us i.e. the general public (aawam) to understand their policies better. As the diplomats already knows about it.
This Hindi verse suits them in present context of their relation with India. I love to see more and more sorry figures in US. Love to see more such exposes which make the US on back foot while playing with India.

One advice for South Asian friends too. Europe or US never want us to be close. They never want us to build European Union type structure. Please take India as your ultimate friend.
US is ahead of us in technology. So we should take every possible advantage of it. Do not look US as a strategic partner.

Do listen a small video footage of Farid Zakaria
Do not look US as an ombudsman.


R. Ramesh said...

meaningful post boss..

Himanshu said...

pleasure to receive comment from such a good journalist like you. thanks

Heavenly Muse said...

great and genuine insight of yours shows a concern of a sensible human being .
But now the point is that ,whether the countries of third world change their attitude towards America or just restrict their reaction within the walls of useless talk shows and breaking news.

I don't have very good knowledge of current affairs but being a part of a nation who is suffering with great perils like terrorism and at the same time bearing US loving Government,i panic and feel scared of our future.

Himanshu said...

@Heavenly Muse dont panic. I am Indian & i know we are so much emotionally attached with Pakistan. We are one. So as our mistakes. I know neither RAM nor RAHIM will come to save us. Only we have to work. Here too i told to my friends take more & more interest in politics. This is the only solution.
This is the time we third world countries have to prove themselves as matured democracy.Otherwise these bullish Americans with the help of our kind politicians will digest our nation.

Himanshu said...

@Heavenly Muse
i am in touch with Pakistan through Najam Sethi & Javed Choudhary & Hamid Mir. I really feel sorry and often talk to my mother that our neighbor Pakistan is really bad state. Often tears come to my eyes.
Our family belong to Multan before partition.