Sunday, January 23, 2011

Impotent Himanshu Guglani

Giving birth a diffcult task. All it starts with tiring process of penetration then careful passing of right quantity of semen and finally feeding the embryo. All it takes then 9 long dedicated months of building the embryo into an infant. Still none can warranty the outcome.
My semen seems to be powerless. Need more musli power.
Love to get pregnant again.
Wish one day i will be able to get the Chartered Accountancy (CA degree) my baby
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Emo Baby said...

well, if you really want to have baby... you should try hard, and harder as you can, until you succeed!!! even it takes too long, don't give up, just keep on trying!!! and for you to be able to have a powerful "semen", you should feed your body and mind with good, positive things and don't stress yourself too!:)
haha...well i find it funny the way you presented your story, which is all about the Chartered Accountancy (CA degree) your baby, your dream...Well i hope and pray that someday, somehow, you will fulfill all your dreams...
Just believe in yourself and above all to God!:)

Unknown said...

thks you are the first to give me a sympathy sandwich. The most hurting thing is very close friends clear & busy in party. I just sitting outside the party venue. Neither they call me to join which i love to do this time nor can i shut my ear drums.
Well regarding impotency one more try on the cards. If not this time then i have to change the profession which is very difficult as i already invested 5 yrs of my life in this.

Ruchika Bhardwaj said...

well lil boy dont worry about any will be a CA soon.dont give up and try harder until u succeed.u know i am not that expressive and cant use such powerful words to motivate you. bus itna hi keh sakti hu that my all wishes are with u and i pray form the bottom of my heart for ur success.some time GOD test the patience.pass that test and see passing CA will follow.........................GOD BLESS U MY LIL FRIEND.ALL WILL BE WELL

Unknown said...

well dont feel sorry for me, i m happy
professional failure hurts
i just need more power
have to develop daring attitude
my wife wants baby
i have to stop using protection
have to spend more time with her especially at night
i m good human being & i still proud of it
a good student will follow it
call me sometimes & never expect that i will start giving u respect
you are still a phatu girl

Ruchika Bhardwaj said...

yeh i agree that i am still a phatu girl.cuming delhi 2marrow.just meet than i show u my power buddy.jokes apart i know that you r a good human being and a good student as well.and i know u will definitely gain the required power to that get u r BABY.and last thing i dont want to give the sympathy coz true winnwers dont need that .just want to be there with u as a friend .take care

Unknown said...

well love to meet
a party is must
your gift is ready ...
will surprise u

Arooj said...

oh what a way of passing new resolution............
best of luck.

Unknown said...

@Heavenly Muse
just bless me yar really need a positive degree otherwise i be dead.....difficult to absorb the defeat everytime

BK Chowla, said...

Take it as a serious challenge. You will succeed.
My son is a CA and that is how I know how difficult it is but I also know what determination can do.

Unknown said...

@ Bk sir really its mental & physical tiresome will never advice anyone to join this
exit is the most difficult & you cant change d profession after spending 5 yrs to this