Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Battle for Recognition

Fighter do fight for money, land or fame. But the best only fought for truth. I am still fighting for my degree. I can earn money without it but now the war is bit more personal. My and my family prestige on the stake. . 
Cleared Chartered Accountancy Final Group I last week. Now 4 more exams left.I wish the last hurdle too be cleared soon. God please be always kind to me. I want to announce this bit earlier but cant do it due to high fever.

In the successive third try, i able to taste a bit of success. My old posts still very closed to me.
When failed second time i regarded myself as an impotent
When failed first time


R. Ramesh said...

boss, u r a good guy..good guys dont of wishes always buddy

UnderTheSameSky said...

all the best!

Anonymous said...

best of luck dude.

Gyan Central said...

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