Friday, July 15, 2011

My Teacher Nowadays - Sri Chanakya

Few days back a very good blogger friend of my Vijay commented on my blog post that your posts are making my grey cells to put more effort to understand life and I answered i have many queries, my blog posts are just my confusions, which only a Guru (teacher) can solve.
Fire is always regards as a converter for turning the impious objects into the pious one. So one should always purify himself through the sacred walk in the fire of knowledge. The knowledge which cannot be gained without the due guidance of Teacher (the Guru).
Many Gurus played many role in my life, as mentioned in my last year blog post on Guru Purnima. These days its Sri Chanakya whose teachings really cleared many cobwebs of my mind. No need to give much details. Read his book and learn how to move with the life. 
At the end i want to wish Happy Guru Purnima to four people. Out of four two are the guides viz. Meeru and Anju. Other two my Gurus Virgi & Pitaji. I knew that myself not able to walk as you prescribed but wish one day i be able to do such. Ending with the strong desire to lead the life beneath your lotus feet.   


R. Ramesh said...

thanks boss how u doing? tc wishes always

Unknown said...

thks sir i good. thks for wishes.

satish said...

you any type of chankya book soft copy or not please inform me

Unknown said...

@ why not Mr. Satish i have a book as i already pasted here. I too have a pdf file which i downloaded. You can search on google or i can mail u too. Just give me your mail id.