Sunday, January 1, 2012


The year 2011 was a sure shot year of hope. Yes “hope”, the word seems to be light but has hidden ability to recreate the thunders inside an underdog. As after practicing diet in 2009 & 2010 I finally got the chance to see (eating not allowed yet) curry this year. It did start with an unexpected failure but got cured soon with an equally unexpected remedy. I did faced few of the troublesome things like Home Shifting. The experience was really very bad.  But, it helps me to unmask few closed ones.  Somehow it did initiate a trend of loosening ties. Is that  irreversible? Can't say. 
Many people do add many things. But few can’t be left without shaking hands viz.:-
  • Anju (Guru Sister & Confessor)
  • Soni Sharma (My Confessor & a Motivator)
  • Samta Gulia (My Teacher)
  • Audrey (An Eye Opener)
  • Mukesh Singh (An Eye Opener)
  • Pawan Sharma (Underwear Friend)
  • Arooj (Blogger)
Now turn on the regrets. Here are the people with whom I can’t be able to spend much time viz. sorry…
  • Ruchika Bhardwaj
  • My Blog
  • Roselle Jackosalem (Wonder Plant)
  • B.K.Chawla (Blogger)
 Ha..ha… now some serious talks about girls of course how can I deny this fact? With every passing second its getting really very difficult for me to maintain my virginity.  I am under oath for not to drink, eating non vegetarian & adultery relations. So I have no right to flirt too. At least 2 or 3 girls rejected me this year. But last year it was 4. So how many said yes till – a damn none. Never mind its improving.  I wish it will soon be turned zero. I will meet my soul mate so soon may be in 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or before death. I do not want to die before showing my gratitude towards the fair sex.

Although it’s bad to have expectations but still lets have it.

All about 2012
This can be the year of getting rid off the old bottlenecks which I though expected in firstly 2010 & then in 2011.  The clearance will bring a sure shot financial stability. As I already laid out the future plans & path. Let’s see how it takes shape. I wish my Virgi & Pitaji blessing will helps my dreams to take off.

So my best wishes to Shri Himanshu Guglani. that he be able to stick to his path. 

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