Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello friends wishing you all a Happy Makar Sakranti. Pardon, who is Mr. Makar and why you wishing me on his Sakranti, I bet you must be thinking the same way, please don’t doubt. I mean this. I never ever wish anyone before for “Makar Sakranti “. No I am not Mr. Late. I don’t wish anyone because I simply don’t have any satisfying reason. Yes a satisfying reason for celebration. I mean the occasion which was meant to be celebrated, which truly brings back your child like cosmic smile & other Kodak moments from your wardrobe.

The technical reason behind the Makar Sakranti, which was taught to us by our bujurg dada dadi, was actually very straight forward - we should celebrate because Sun on this very day enters into Makar Rashi (zodiac sign). So, it was a holy moment and has to be followed by sacred bath. All this seems like a quadratic equation.

But we, as youngsters in city, simply not able to connect ourselves neither with the Sun nor with sacred bath. You will surely find yourself as a laughing stock if you call someone at mid night (as we used to do on New Year, Diwali etc.) & say Hey Pal, Happy Makar Sakranti, come on let’s throw a party, see Sun after so much delay finally entering into Makar Rashi. You know what it means? i.e. our future is really going to change very soon.

Do you really thing it will work? NO. “Makar Sakranti” by its typical Hindi Accent announces itself as a festival which is meant only for priests and other holy man.

But yesterday, I came to know about one more thought regarding the celebration. The picture above created by me is based on the inputs taken from the article of Swami Tejomayaranda in yesterday newspaper. Sorry I forget the name of newspaper. But, we can reach him through his website
He interprets Makar as a Sanskrit word which stands for Crocodile and Sakranti means turning or complete revolution. The crocodile here symbolizes the worldly attachments that are holding us in their firm grip. So to remind us or in the words of Swami to turn the crocodile we should celebrate Makar Sakranti. The reason seems to be more logical. Leave one bad habit today or if cant leave restrict it. We can celebrate the day as No Smoking Day or Dry Day or No Adultery this weekend. I take an oath that I will apply all those things which I just created in the picture.

I find this reason a more understandable & practical one and that’s why I am daring to wish you all again HAPPY MAKAR SAKRANTI.  


Arooj said...

even being a blindly religious girl...i always doubt cooking of hlwas on certain occasion not religiously proved but rather invented by religious minds,and gathering of people for just mere ''gup shup'' means ''chit chat''......
well in any case..many times we don't have reason of getting depressed then why need a reason for celebration..

Unknown said...

@Arooj true words. Invidually one don't need the reason for celebration. But when it comes to whole nation or community then u surely need some solid reason. Few of our festivals are getting lost due to the lack of clarity among people.

soni sharma said...