Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Emotional Vacation - A kit-kat break from happiness

Being emotional does not necessarily mean that you just had a tragic setback. Sometimes you are emotional because you want to be such. You may or may not have the clear reason. But the fact is at the very moment you need a break from routine happiness. 

Many a times, we love to portray ourselves as the weak contender so as to earn sweet tight hug in return. Many a times people may misjudge you by declaring you as an emotional , rondu & a soft person rather accepting it as a short vacation. One must hear such from things from left ear and allow it to flow through right without creating any obstacles. 

All we need is listeners rather speakers (i.e. no honking at red light) , preferably the opposite sex. The remedy lies in your ability of managing human beings like a remote control. Well this control has only three buttons talk, listen and mute. Any cross connection among these will surely spoil your vacations. 

People will always dodge you to vomit your whole life in a minute or two, so that they can conclude it shortly. I have well fabricated four lines for above mentioned defective remote controls - 
My problems are my personal property for which all publishing rights are reserved. By personal, i mean they are not public. By public, i mean every person except two viz. me and my handkerchief. I knew that i am not a good actor as my face reflects what i feel but i am a very good listener so your poking will not sustain for long.

As there is a term unforced errors in lawn tennis. There should also be a provision of taking leave on the basis of khama kha sentiments. 

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