Friday, August 31, 2012

Practice Makes A Man Perfect. But Woman?

Practice makes a man perfect. What about woman? Nothing, either they are born tough or rough. The simple reason behind this fact is loss of 10 precious years of post qualification due to the sole pious authority and responsibility of building family. These 10 years are the most important for dull men (like me) or women. Men got the opportunity to burn their past and women unfortunately loose it.

Women prefer to get pregnant by max 30 or 35 due to medical reasons. The moment you start your family you simply loose 10 precious years of your career life out of 35 (25 to 60).

We generally start our career at 22-25. The next 10 years are the most precious in post qualification. As one is full of physical and mental vigor in this period. Women have to apply this vigor in raising family. These things may look small but broad enough to break the career back bone. Men don’t have such restrictions. Just heard in the news that now even breast milk can be donated. These things I don’t know how much good for health but helps the workaholic girl.

Only smart girls survive and the rest have to cut their wings for their offspring (like my mother)


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