Friday, December 21, 2012

Man to Rapist to Eunuch

The above chain itself suggests what the article is meant for. The present law provides maximum life sentence for rape and death sentence for murder. Our lawmakers intentionally did not provide parallel sentences for the mentioned crimes, as the equality may convince the criminal to murder the victim after raping her.   

In my opinion few amendments should be introduced in the present legislature such as:-

ü  If the rapist is bachelor, he may be sentenced for maximum life imprisonment but not less than ten years

ü  If the rapist is married, he may be castrated (i.e. removal of testicles along with penis) through medical surgery

Along with this, a subsequent amendment may also be introduced in the case of “rape with murder”. In this, the accused be punished with castration along with imprisonment. This amendment is necessary to equate the rape & rape with murder.

All these measures should be taken to create a fear in the mind of society.


Namrata said...

I don't think their marital status should determine the nature of punishment they get! They all should be castrated!

Unknown said...

@Namrata firstly thanks for reading the article. I respect your anger but i still think that bachelors should be given one chance. I strongly believe in the Hindi Saying "Abhav Manushya Ko Karunahin Bana Deta Ha".