Friday, November 13, 2009

Fair Deal

Let me congratulate myself for starting a new segment of short stories. Thats my first. So lets start on the name of Ganesha & Virgi & Makkad sir.

The story begins with an old man walking down the lanes of a children park & seeing the kids playing, enjoying, dancing , singing & throwing sand on each other. Suddenly he shouts don’t do this Kini. Huh…… none here except an old torso.

Now, he advances towards the busy street now she sees a young woman going without Chunri. This time he utters too “agar chunni nahi pahni jati, to sir par kil thuk wa lo”. No use for stretching vocal chords.

This time bit slowly with his jerky walking style expected at his age he moves towards market chowk.He imagines a scene of a woman arguing & bargaining with a street encroacher with his children. The woman so busy that not really paying attention to his naughty kids. Kids are about to jump the busy road & he moves his hand quiclky but touched a glass of water.

An aged woman brings the water for him but now on floor both -the glass & the water. The man got stunned by it & feels like someone take hold of a crashed kite. The kite was freely moving from park to street to market like a man’s age. It was painful for him to come in reality again. As he is enjoying with his kids in dreams . He is imagining his age passing with his daughters which are no more in this world.

He is 80 years old. Well he does not have anyone now in his family except an aged wife. But he is not born alone. He has 6 daughters. But he kills all her daughters with his own hands & spade. Its about the era of Partition. He murdered his girls so that noone can go to wrong hands into the trap of Muslims. At that time Muslims kills men but take young woman to their home for fun.

He did this sin to save his family legacy & value. He still remembers how her daughters silently surrenders their head to their father. Its just like a self mutilation. They never complaint one by one six heads & not even a single complaint or questioning.

But now that stupid man is questioning himself is that a fair deal? How he faces her daughter in hell?
Now, noone left to whom he can hug. Noone to enjoy the small pleasures of life besides imagination & day dreaming.

I think the song is suits this man

Khumari (kind of feeling sleepy) chadh ke utar gayi
zindagi yun hi gujar gayi)
kabhi sote sote kabhi jaagte
khwaabon ke pichhe yu hi bhaagte
apni toh saari umar gayi
khumari chadh ke utar gayi
zindagi yun hi gujar gayi

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