Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twinkling Dreams Vs Hardcore Reality

The Scene opens in a courtroom: Usual set up with a judge, clerk of the court and defence counsel sitting in the well of the court. The defendant “Hardcore Reality” is in the witness box..Petitioner “Twinkling Dreams” charged serious allegations of  lowering down, mishandling and lack of vision & vigour.

Case Proceeds
Twinkling Dreams (Complainant):
My Lord when we all were in our childhood we saw many big dreams far from the realities. I mean without seeing the barriers & obstacles which will come on the way. But as we moves we realises the heat of sun and toughness of earth. We initiates a process of taking microscopic comparative view of our own knowledge and the required one to attain the dream in our mind. And quietly start taking U turn. Our Government is not the exception to it too Sir “Jab Bad Aati Ha To Khatre Ke Nishan Ko Hi Upar Kar Diya Jata Ha”. That’s what culprit Reality does lowering down me.

My teacher Virgi once said that we work only that much hours which we can and not for those which we should to complete the work. He often given us the example of a Governent Budget. Government first calculate thir expenditure and then raised reveneue accordingly to meet the expense. So in result of less time spend is compensating with the quality of work i.e. mishandling ofourse.

I remember Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam saying Sir that “Dreams are not what you see in sleep but they are those which not let you sleep”.
Targets are achieved twice first in dreams & secondly in reality. But this culprit “Reality” lacks the vigour to achieve it. That’s all my case Sir.

The Defence what you want to say about these.

Hardcore Reality:
My Lord, yes I too sometimes feel that I lack the vision. But truly Sir I am not giving excuses but sometimes Luck does matter.
I want to frame a quote of Sachin Tendulkar Sir (saying about Vinod Kambli) that he is very talented but the problem is that he got wrong injuries at correct time.
Sir, Vinod is too as talented as Sachin. He comeback 9 times in Indian team but he is not as successful as his school mate because destiny & luck shuffles him many times.

Lord, I got an early start but reached late due to circumstances which I still feel confused is in my control or not.I sometime also feel that there is a push of air which takes you to the top or vice versa . I had both the experiences. Its really feel hard to accept the bad one.

The problem with me is that if Sir that if a traveller is going by a train from A to B. And he start loving the train so much that now he start assuming that train itself as his destination instead of just a mode. And in course of that cosmic spiritual enjoyment he misses his destination and instead reach C. And now he is realising while going back from C to B that what is his mistake.
But is that a mistake of getting emotionaly attached with that mode. So you can call it lack of vision. He enjoys the love, feeling, teaching, respect he got in the train which he never got before.

But now while moving upwards from C to B he meet many guys who already reached B even the late starters.
The traveller is me My Lord. I realised that separation does not mean non attachment because the train is still there. Taking passengers from A to Z.
I recently meet a friend in Gurudwara he is suffering from Blood cancer. He is at home for 3 years but now he too start planning to move ahead and decided to give an interview for call centre. I really appreciate his vigor to get back on track. it’s very difficult to start the life even when you know that it can be terminated anytime.
I accept that I hurt the sentiments of Dreams but I just want to say that I am on the way to get her. I will get my mental peace & concentration again. I know i have to bear the tags of
• late comer although i started early
• fool that are you sleeping at that time.

Whenever I about to reach the destination I pulled back. But I will fight all. I have to start the life again. Its hard as every time old painful injuries goes red again as you move. But I will start life with old dreams but new energy. I request Dream to be patient I will be there soon.

After reading both I want “Hardcore Reality” to make a commitment to achieve the “Twinkling Dreams”. Reality have to show his vigour & progress reports timely to the “Twinkling Dreams” & advice to "Hardcore Reality" not to think about past concentrate on present. And request “Dreams” to grant some more time.

It was the old post but i republish it, as i start following it. And may God Bless that i republish it again when i accomplished it.

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