Tuesday, November 10, 2009

U Turn

Are we inclining towards western culture (Pashimi sabhta) or just taking a U turn towards our own roots?

Well western culture as per our Hindi textbooks is Naganta (nude) Priya samaj. I remember Malgudi Days episode in which a someone says “Videsho me to aurate ghul mil ke rahti ha aur samundar ke kinare ni sankoch bina vastro ke padi rahti ha”. West is the symbol of advancement openness. And we all loves it & even prays when our society will happily accept its norms like live in relatioship etc.

But our today Indian culture is symbloic of orhothodox religious beliefs where there are two sectors Mardana & Janana. Nothing before marriage & no breaks after marriage. But is it true are we the same since ages. If our culture is so closed then what Apsaras, Kama Dev is doing in our history. It surely means we are not the same always.

Lets divide our past into two:-
• Orthodox past as specified in Manu Smriti &
• Open society like we see in temples of Khajurao

I believe that we are just swinging somewhere between the two. Both are like two banks of sea. And in present we are moving from Manu bank to Khajurao bank.

Manu Smriti is not a veda which is of divine origin. It is smriti which is a human coomposition & talks about human conduct which one follow in his daily life. The word Manav actually comes from the Manu itself. As per our Hindu culture “Manu is the first king to rule this earth & we all are his children” that’s we are Manav.
First clear your doubt that Manusmriti did not come from the mouth of Manu. It was written by some idiots people. But I am sure that it must be written by a upper caste Brahmin man. As it talks about privilige for only Brahmins & respect for Man.

I try to collect some of the rules of Manu Smriti so that we can imagine our past.
You can get idea
• why the women still harassed in our society?
• why dalits always prefer a dalit & had so hate for upper caste?

The Code of Manu states:-
“Dhor, Ganwar, Shudra aur naari,Yeh sab tadan ke adhikaari ha.”A cattle, a fool, a low caste and a woman,all these deserve to be treated sternly.

Brahma ( the creater) gave birth to the Brahmins from his mouth, the Kshatriyas from his shoulders, the Vaishyas from his thighs and Shudras from his feet.

The Brahmin should never invite persons of other varnas for food. In case, the latter begs the Brahmin for food, the Brahmin may give them some left-over. Even these left-over must be served not by the Brahmin but by his servants outside the house.

Woman is the source of sorrow. She tortures the hearts of her parents, husband and other family members. She is called 'DARIKA' because she is source of sorrow to all.

In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, then to her sons; a woman must never be independent. There is no God on earth for a woman than her husband.....She must on the death of her husband allow herself to be burnt alive on the same funeral pyre.

Untouchables should be born slaves, live as slaves and die as slaves

Shudra is created by Brahma to serve the Brahmins.

Shudra has no right of education. If a Shudra over heard the “Veda” pour hot molten lead in his ear.If Shudra utter a word of the Veda, the king shall cut his tongue

I remember the movie “Water” by Deepa Mehta where father of John Abraham says” Brahmin kisi ke sath bhi so sakta he isme phayda us ladki (dalit) ka hi ha”
Now I m edging towards another segment of past memories. And that’s different world of Khajurao.

The term Khajurao just to prejudice us about different poses of pleasure & suddenly cool breeze shakes our bodyt. It’s the different story here, Here, we talk about the pleasure of woman rather than using her as pillow. So here women is not use for slave she is tereated equally like men.

It is said that Shiv ji doorkeeper Nandi heard the Shiva & Parvti bedroom talks & record them. And today we know them as kamasutra.
Today in present India is it possible to do made such temples. Well firstly you have to face Bajrang Dal oppose.

So cant we say that our society must be very open at that time may be more than west today.

It is U turn surely.

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