Friday, January 15, 2010

Date With Blind Kids

My day starts with them. Every day is multiplying in Geometric Progression in terms of happiness with them.
Champak Van
Remember the comic book "Champak". I start with it today. Kids like it but it is very difficult for me to make them understand animated characters:-
  • Chiku Khargosh "Chiku Rabbit". They understand the rabbit but who is chiku. 
  • Hathi Dada " Sir Ji Is Hathi Dada Ji? and then 
  • Ashok Van "Ashok Forest". The kids know someone namely Ashok. So they start yelling "Sir ji Ashok to yahi ha". 
Its creates a scene in the class.
English Chains
I try to build chains just interlinking various things together. 
Khargosh to Rabbit to Gajar to Carrot to Lal to Red
So 3 words in a single line.
Quiz Game
The kids who are regular in the class can now beat anyone. From parts of the body to animal name to general words The kids who are not regular is really feeling very inferior in the class. So now i try to loosen the rules of games for gaining equality and make the kids comfortable.
Favorite Student Back
Gopi back in the class. Its really feel good to see him back. I suppose within a week he will on the level of other kids.
Hand Wash  After Mutra Visarjan. Why?
I ask Gopi Do you wash your hands after toilet? He innocently says No Sir Ji Kuch Laga Hi Nahi Ha.
So i just ask him to do it next time. Actually he is back after nearly a month so feeling hard to memorise where is the door. It really feels bad to see him moving in wrong direction.
Jokes In The Class
First time i try for it. And Kids like it very much. The "Gappi Joke". Eh Gappi Khata mere Goa mein.........
But most of the jokes gone above their head and most imporatant thing i am feeling hard to stop my laughter while telling Jokes.Bad Very Bad.

God Bless All

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