Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emotional Day In Blind School

I really dont know what to say at this.
There was a very naughty student in the class Vijay who yells in class, make comment & teases name etc.
And totally disturb the momentum of whole class
But today he is Silent
He came in the class after 15 days and just sit in a corner with no moments nothing. Just like a vegetable
You know why
because now he is deaf now. HE CANT HEAR
Why God? Why a small kid who cant see & now cant even hear.
I am very angry with you Jesus.
Take the eyes of N D Tiwari and take the ears of Dawood Ibrahim. But why Vijay?
He is 6 yrs old just
God Bless Him But how?

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Karthik said...

Very nice one, Himanshu. There are some questions which don't have answers. That's the harsh reality, isn't it?
Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I really appreciate it.
It's better late than never, so, Happy New Year, mate! :-)